4DAS Learning Solutions Delivery Model

Synaptix Learning Solutions' 4DAS Implementation Model

The 4DAS model is the 6-step Synaptix Learning Solutions procedure for implementing performance-focused learning solutions. It follows established industry standards for analyzing needs, designing and building a learning solution, and initiating the organizational change(s) required to support the learning. The model requires close engagement with the customer to ensure that the right needs addressed. This also helps by educating and empowering the customer to maintain the organizational changes after the project is finished.

How does it work?

The model works on a project basis. This provides a defined scope and timeline, clear estimates of resources and costs, and set requirements for the involvement of Subject Matter Experts, Stakeholders, and Learners. Planning discussions and interviews are used prior to building the estimate to achieve reliable timelines and reduce scope change. The steps in the model are usually engaged sequentially; but the model can be modified to be agile or iterative (e.g., in alignment with SAM – the Sequential Approximation Model).

At the end of each stage of the 4DAS process a report is produced for the customer that also includes the plan for the next stage. The customer provides input on the plan as the project progresses, reducing changes and rework. Each report also includes raw data and analysis, providing a further opportunity for the customer to validate the inputs to the learning solution. These documents are valuable artifacts for the customer’s leadership that often provide insights that their existing organizational feedback system had missed.

Skipping Steps​

Steps can be omitted at the customer’s request based on resource and time constraints, but each skipped step is detrimental to program ROI and the sustainability of the learning solution. In fact, the final stage, Sustain, is the most critical for business and behavioural impact. Using cutting edge software innovations, it involves adaptive drip microlearning to support knowledge retention and behavioural change. This step builds off of the work done in the prior 5 stages and is the real neuroscience based force multiplier in the 4DAS system. It maximizes the ROI of any learning solution by enabling the memory augmentation techniques that make a Synaptix learning solution unique.

Agile Microlearning

Synaptix has partnered with Neovation to deliver cutting edge, brain-based learning solutions to clients using OttoLearn software. This tool can be used in the Sustain stage or built into the program right from the start.  It is the most cost effective way to guarantee content mastery and support performance.

OttoLearn’s platform delivers learning content the way people actually learn, producing massive boosts to engagement, retention, and performance.