Instant bottom line impact when every little bit matters

Synaptix Learning Solutions can be applied to any stage of traditional training value stream to enhance the effectiveness of the training and/or reduce costs.

From reviewing your current training for ease of understanding to designing new programs to developing and delivering courses for you, Synaptix has the solution to your learning concerns.

We can also support business needs that are often associated with learning design: from anything related to competency measurement (needs assessment, trainer evaluation, performance improvement measurement), to implementing a new learning management system and the project management and change leadership that goes with that.

We have expertise in every facet of the learning lifecycle, as certified by the Institute for Performance and Learning, and can help you optimize any part of it, leaving you to focus on other areas of your business.

Training Program Reviews

Current Approaches to Corporate Training Consistently Produce Underwhelming Results, Absorb Resources, and Fail to Deliver the Expected Learning Outcomes – Minimize Your Resources but Maximize Learning for Increased Productivity

Synaptix can perform two types of program review. A simple assessment may include concepts, spelling and grammar, or formatting issues. An in-depth training review looks at instructors, administration, learners, and management. We’ll forward a report on the effectiveness of your training program to find opportunities for improvement. Tailoring the program to the audience, or even multiple subgroups within the audience, is the first step in effective training design.

Agile Microlearning

Subscription-based, Adaptive Microlearning is the Future
of Performance Support, and Already Changing the Training World.

Synaptix has partnered with Neovation to deliver cutting edge, brain-based learning solutions to clients using Neovation’s OttoLearn software.

OttoLearn’s platform delivers learning content the way people actually learn, producing massive boosts to engagement, retention, and performance.

LMS Implementation

Good Learning Management Systems Have the Capability to Connect with Other Core Business Systems – Optimize your LMS for Increased Business Value

Integration of your Learning Management System (LMS) with other core business systems can add significant value to your training program. Initiate a connection to your document management system (DMS), human resource information technology (HRIT), learning record store (LRS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or customer relationship management (CRM) and get the full potential from your LMS system. We have experience using several platforms and can assist with recommendations and upgrades if necessary. Don’t leave this value laying on the table.

Training Development and Delivery

Within Our Training Development Team, we have Resources in Many Subject Areas – Tap into a Large Pool of Subject Matter Experts for Instruction

As experts in the training development process, we employ proprietary models based on experience and industry best practices. Our designers and facilitators are Certified Training and Development Professionals through the Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL CTDP). The variety of lesson planning models includes: classroom and computer assisted courses, multimedia enhanced and activity, and online training. We have access to temporary instructors and a network of subject matter experts such as IT, leadership, safety, oil and gas construction, finance, education, and more. If we design or develop a course, there’s also support for program delivery.

We have access to government grant programs, like the Canada Alberta Job Grant that can help you recover up to 2/3 of your implementation cost! The Canada Alberta Job Grant provides funding to Alberta employers to cover the cost of up-skilling or retraining workers, or even preparing new employees to join your team.

If you aren’t taking advantage of programs like this you are just throwing your money away!

In 2017 the grant helped one customer recover over $60,000 on a 6-figure contract, while tripling the number of people trained! What could your business do with an extra $60k?

Project Management

The Key to any Learning Service is Project Management and Execution – Reduce Rework and Minimize the Impact of Change at Each Phase of Your Project

Synaptix employs two methodologies for project management. The PMI PMBOK methodology best suits training implementation, while the Agile methodology is more applicable to course and content development. To manage all projects in or outside of the learning field, we remain execution focused, results driven, and motivated by metrics. Scope changes are common but our iterative, systematic approach reduces rework and minimizes the impact of change at each phase of the project.


To Assess Training Program Effectiveness, Every Component Must be Evaluated – Ensure Your Program Evaluations are Valid, Reliable, and Equivalent to Industry Standards

Competency assurance requires effective assessment. We measure more than just learner competence, and we measure each factor more than once. We evaluate the instructors, design an evaluation program for you, and consider the evaluations to ensure your assessments are valid, reliable, and equivalent to industry standards. Synaptix Learning Solutions uses unique measurement techniques, but we also look beyond performance to cultural and incentive systems.

Organizational Change Leadership

People Typically Don’t Like Change. Most Often it’s the Execution of Something New that Causes Challenges – With the Correct Tools, Your Staff Will Welcome Change and Increase Trust in Your Leadership

Training implementations often come as part of a larger change initiative but change presents challenges for organizations. Synaptix can help support, design, or lead the change initiative. We can guide leaders in understanding the impacts of change on their team and business. Effective learning support during a change initiative is one of the major contributors to success. By providing your team with the tools to adapt quickly and easily to a new operating model, you are positioning them to come out of the process as strong performers and with more trust in your leadership.