Your team's capacity to learn is the key to their effectiveness - and your business' success.

Our Mission Statement:

To enable organizational learning strategies that eliminate waste in traditional training, and dramatically enhance retention outcomes and operational performance.


Researchers continue to uncover new information about how the brain learns. We have more insight into the brain’s learning processes than at any other moment in history, and this knowledge enables innovation and optimization for learners in any setting.

Understanding the deep structures of the brain, how they connect, react, and store information is crucial to attain a deeper understanding of how people learn.

Synaptix was formed in 2016 to address the need for a modern and effective approach to learning design. The advent of computer-based training in the last two decades has failed to address how people actually learn. We use cutting-edge research and technology from the field of brain science and apply it to develop training.

Businesses who choose to pursue competitive organizational advantage in this rapidly changing world need to out-think, out-learn, and out-create the competition. By gaining insight into brain functions as it relates to learning support, we can better prepare workers to adapt to their evolving, expanding workplace.


Understand How People Learn, and Train Your Team Accordingly
Optimize Your Learning Investment for Business Success

  • ​Your team’s capacity to learn and process information will be the big business challenge of the next decade.
  • Changing the focus from “training” to “learning” brings attention to the acquisition of information. However, it rarely reduces the perceived drain on resources.
  • What differentiates Synaptix Learning Solutions from the alternatives is our application of years of personal research into the operation of memory at the neural and cognitive levels.
  • Understanding how the brain’s neurons (cells), synapses (interconnections), and neurotransmitters (brain chemistry) store information allows us to design learning that is aligned with how the human mind works.
  • Doing so ultimately drives more sales, enhances wellness, and increases productivity in businesses of any size.
  • Synaptix can provide support so sufficient reinforcement of training becomes permanent and enhances effective memory and learning.


Research Shows that a lot of Training Effort is Wasted
Improve Your Training ROI by up to 50% with Synaptix

  • ​Advancements in energy, telecom, transportation and more have transformed the way we work and live. Although technology has been added to learning like computer-based training, we’ve seen minimal improvements in effectiveness.
  • Synaptix aims to optimize learning practices based on brain sciences and merge a century’s worth of neuroscience and cognitive research with technology to help learning catch up with other important industries. All levels of students have been impacted by technology, so as educators, we need to optimize teaching in a digital world.
  • Cost reduction and improved effectiveness of training has an instant impact on the bottom line.
  • A 5% cost reduction paired with a 5% improvement in performance would be a win/win. We promise wins of up to 50% using our system.

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