Synaptix Learning Solutions applies brain research and learning science to the design and implementation of corporate training programs.

Neuroscience Based Custom Learning Solutions That Drive Operational Excellence

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Shorten Training Cycles
Get the results you need sooner. Update your program with the technology of the 2020s. You shouldn't have to wait to see results!
Improve Retention
Learners only remember 10-20% of the content covered in a typical training program. What if they could master 100% of what you expect them to know?
Reduce Costs
We are able to deliver better solutions cheaper by applying technology and neuroscience that the learning industry is only starting to discover.
Improve Performance
Personalized programs for every learner, with exercises tied to KPIs and guided by AI tutors to maximize what your team can achieve.
Stop Wasting Your Training Budget!

Fortune 500 Companies Spend Hundreds of Billions on Corporate Training

According to the Association for Talent Development, Fortune 500 companies spent over $160 billion on corporate training back in 2013. Most of that was spent on in-person and computer-delivered training. ​That figure has been rising at about 1% year since, with the global total now roughly $370 billion, and a lot of that is wasted!

You’ve been in these types of classes—how much of what you “learned” do you recall? 

How much time and money were wasted on formulaic scripts, icebreakers, side conversations, and flashy presentations?

How much do you use it on the job?

The old “learning styles” — such as auditory learners or visual learners — we now know don’t work. That expenditure could be reduced by 50% simply by focusing on recall and behavioural objectives, rather than the delivery objectives of the training developer or treating attendance as a meaningful KPI.

Focus on Recall and Behavioural Objectives and Decrease Your Training Costs!

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We are realizing the value add in terms of little things that add up. We’re taking advantage of opportunities to gain margin without pain; through better execution, schedule management, hitting our rates of placement, and simpler communication. We’re still in a very competitive cost environment despite overall revenue being up, but we have better early warning signals on our projects so we can prevent job losses and not have the surprise at the end.
— Glen Greenshields, Executive Vice President & COO
Strike Group